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Criminal defense attorney George H. Matangos worked in the Dauphin County District Attorney's Office before joining Costopolous, Foster & Fields in February 2000.

During his six years with the DA's office, Matangos was named Dauphin County's first full-time juvenile prosecutor, handling more than 2,000 cases in three years. He also carried a full-time adult prosecution load and was promoted to senior Deputy District Attorney during his tenure. Matangos was in charge of the Juvenile Prosecution Unit, which included three attorneys at the time.

Since joining Costopoulos, Foster & Fields, Matangos has defended all types of clients against all types of charges, from minor summary cases to complex state and federal felony trials. Matangos is committed to making the system work not only for individuals charged, but for the community as a whole.

"An effective and fair criminal justice system is an important bedrock of our societal compact," he likes to say.

Matangos has earned four homicide acquittals; two in York County and two in Dauphin County. He as earned acquittals in other cases, as well, including an alleged case of rape in Perry County, an alleged child sexual assault in Juniata County, multiple allegations of bank robbery in Dauphin County and an alleged aggravated assault case in Franklin County.

Matangos is also an accomplished appellate court attorney, as well, earning two reversals in the last two years. In one case, the defendant had been sentenced to 15 to 45 years in prison, but was able to return home to his family after Matangos' tireless work at the Pennsylvania Superior Court level.

In another instance, Matangos successfully convinced the three-panel Superior Court to overturn an alleged case of bigamy. Upon the finding of the court, the DA opted not to retry the case.

Matangos also recently argued before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a homicide case and before federal courts in the Middle District of Pennsylvania and the Third Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Matangos' tremendous compassion for clients and their families during these difficult times is manifest in his dogged determination to provide each of them the best criminal defense possible.

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