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The Mission

Costopoulos, Foster & Fields is committed to the aggressive legal representation of our clients. Those who have suffered unjust injuries can expect our attorneys to exhaust every measure to provide them with fair and appropriate compensation. For those who have entered the criminal justice system at the state or federal level, our attorneys will provide an experienced, zealous legal defense that is truly world-class.

The Partners

Costopoulos, Foster & Fields

The law firm of Costopoulos, Foster & Fields has been working cases in the greater Harrisburg area for more than 30 years. The firm is one of the only ones in Central Pennsylvania that provides both personal injury litigation and criminal defense. Founding partner William C. Costopoulos is a nationally recognized criminal defense attorney who is well known for his brilliant legal strategies. The cases he' s tried have resulted in some of the most landmark and precedent-setting decisions in the criminal justice system. Costopoulos is flanked by a set of equally talented litigators, who each have a reputation within their respective fields that rivals his own. Partners David J. Foster and Leslie M. Fields specialize in major personal injury cases that include medical malpractice, vehicular accidents, product liability, liquor liability and civil rights. Both can boast multi-million dollar settlements and both are Central Pennsylvania' s leading client advocates.

The Team

Backing up Costopoulos in the area of criminal defense are former prosecutors George H. Matangos and Heidi F. Eakin. Between them, Matangos and Eakin have tried dozens of homicide cases and hundreds of jury cases. Their expertise encompasses everything from DUI cases to felony crimes involving robbery, burglary and drugs.

Assisting all of the firm' s legendary attorneys is a top-notch group of legal assistants including researcher and brief-writer Nicholas D. Ressetar, and Jayme Emig and Tiffany Miller, who provide litigation and trial support.

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