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Whether it's high-profile death-penalty cases or minor crimes needing quick resolutions, no defense attorneys are better suited to help defendants through the court system than those at Costopoulos, Foster & Fields Attorneys At Law of Lemoyne, PA.


Our criminal defense team comprises the most experienced and qualified trial lawyers and litigators in the state.


Between them, attorneys Bill Costopoulos, Heidi Eakin and George Matangos have tried dozens of capital cases, putting them among the most highly sought-after criminal defense and death penalty attorneys in the country.


Additionally, they have been involved in many landmark criminal cases and precedent-setting rulings across Pennsylvania and the country, yet they remain approachable and willing to handle even the simplest cases for all types of criminal charges.

Don't Put Your Freedom at Stake!

No Case Is Too Big Or Too Small

• Drug offenses - search, seizure and suppression issues

• Sex offenses -  rape, sexual assault, molestation of minors, child


• Homicide -  murder, manslaughter, death penalty cases

• Aggravated and simple assault

• Robbery / burglary

• White collar crime -  embezzlement, extortion, computer crimes

• Forgery

• DUI offenses

• Fraud

• Theft

• Tax evasion

• Juvenile offenses

• Arson


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